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            Congratulations!!!  After a long and arduous journey through the stories and records of other immigrants, your group has gathered facts and completed the task of guiding your loved ones to their new land of America..  You worked to sift through many sources and to validate the facts that you found. You read about the dangerous journey across the Atlantic Ocean in steerage below the decks of a ship.  You discovered that the passage through Ellis Island on the east coast or Angel Island on the west coast involved many difficulties such as a change of name.  The streets that awaited the immigrants presented still more challenges.  How could they find homes with no source of income?  How could they find work when they did not speak English?  The citizens of America were often prejudiced against each new group of immigrants.  How could people who had experienced prejudice develop stereotypes of their own?

You discussed and analyzed the information so that you could decide how best to help your family. This process involved working as an important member of a group filling a specific role.  You then planned how best to present your information.  The result is that you created a wonderful booklet or slide show that will make life much easier for those who follow you to America.  Although the journey is still fraught with many perils and risks, their trek has a much better chance of success thanks to you.  The information you organized and presented will be passed on to new generations to come who will follow your trail to a new life in America.

You have learned how to conduct a successful search for specific information on the Internet.  Hopefully you have also developed compassion and appreciation for the courage and daring of the many immigrants, ordinary people just like us, who faced the unknown often with few resources.  Without the trailblazers and adventurers who are our ancestors, our life today would be very different.