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Balanced Literacy PowerPoint

This page will provide links that demonstrate the work I have done for E-learning for Teachers offered by UWStout during the summer of 2006.

Instructor Biography

Patricia Hutton been teaching middle school special education here in central New Jersey for the last 29 years. She has worked with students with a variety of classifications in grades five through eight and is particularly effective in teaching English. Patricia earned a BS in elementary education from Seton Hall University where she focused on speech and reading development. She continued her education at the College of New Jersey, earning an M.ed in Special Education.

Patricia has worked extensively in both in-class support settings and in pullout replacement settings in all major subject areas. She has training in multiple intelligences, understanding by design, collaborative learning, inclusion, and balanced literacy.  Ms. Hutton has also been trained by the state of NJ in registered holistic scoring and in APA assessment for classified students unable to take mandatory state testing.

Ms. Hutton has many varied interests from travel, to reading, to painting, to music, to cross-stitching, to planting and redorcorating her home.

For additional references or an official resume please contact the instructor.

Ms. Hutton

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