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Just as the seasons bring growth and change to the world of nature, so too do they bring growth and change to our children, our skills, and ultimately to the future of our society.







My name is Pat Hutton and I have been given a wonderful opportunity to work with your class. My undergraduate work was in elementary education with a strong emphasis on the development of literacy, both the reading and writing strands. I continued my work in graduate school in special education.  Since graduation I have earned more than 60 additional graduate credits, exploring cooperative learning, balanced literary, Grant Wiggins’ Understanding by Design, and many applications of technology in the classroom. Recently I earned a certificate in online instruction from UW-Stout. I have also authored a webquest that was selected to be linked to Blue Web’n.  I am a member of CEC and NJEA.


I’ve taught in a middle school for the last 29 years.  I provided English instruction, particularly the development of students’ writing skills, in both resource room and regular education settings. I worked as part of a collaborative learning community to enhance my instructional practice. We focused our efforts on writing instruction. I learned a great deal from my colleagues and I look forward to our interaction.                                                                           



Ms. Hutton                                                                                          


Professional Standards for Teachers Addressed Through PD Courses

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: The Five Core Propositions  NBPTS breaks standards down by instructional categories. See the website for additional details.

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