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Super Student



PD courses

The following services are available:

                   - Innovative activities make learning fun!

                    -Discover what strategies to use for any subject!           

                   - Find your own unique learning style!   



                          - What lessons should I teach?

                          -What materials should I use?

                          - How do I sequence learning activities?

                           -How do I know if my child has really learned?




                            -What information must be included?

                           - Who is on the team that writes the IEP?

                            -How can I protect my child?   

                            -How can I tell what services are appropriate?                           

                            -How can I tell if the IEP is being monitored?

                            -Who is responsible for monitoring the IEP?

                            -Can an IEP be changed at any time?

Additional information

 Guide to the Individualized Education Program government site with detailed information

Common sense IEPs Wrightslaw explains IEP basics

FAQs - How Can I Get My Child's IEP Revised?: Wrightslaw

Homeschooling  how to get started with homeschooling

homeschooling_basics links that answer all your questions

Private Tutoring benefits

Peer and Cross-Age Tutoring research study on benefits to tutee and tutor