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The American Immigration Homepage ††l

Looking for an easy way to access facts about where, when, and how?

This site is an excellent portal to specific lists of facts answering the questions you are responsible for.It is easy to navigate and sorts facts by date.



Ellis Island


History Channel has created a wonderful site that will make it possible for you to relive the experience of immigrating to America.You will know how the immigrants felt as the entered Ellis Island. What are your fears, hopes, and dreams?



†† Murray Street Stories


Contained in the site are links to a variety of audio clips.Hear the immigrantsí stories about their passage and arrival in a new land as told in their own words.




Fast Facts


Gives a great deal of historical information about immigration and will answer many of your questions. An excellent introduction to all the facts relating to immigration.


Immigration Station


Imagine that you are just arriving after a long sea voyage from Asia.You have finally reached America.What will happen to you now?The west coast immigration experience through Angel Island was different than through Ellis Island.Find out who the immigrants were and what they faced in their new home.



On the Lower East Side††


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a brand new country where you knew no one and spoke a different language?The links on this page tell the stories of the early twentieth century immigrants in New York.You might be surprised by the details of their lives.




Tenement Museum


You can walk right into an early 1900ís tenement through the links provided at this site.Read the stories of people who lived in the rooms as you examine the pictures.