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Moving to America


A web quest for 8th grade


US History


designed by


Patricia Hutton




  1. Learners:
    This web quest is designed for eighth grade
    US History students.  It is specifically created to address the needs of students with different learning styles and to appeal to multiple intelligences.  In order to successfully complete the web quest, students must comprehend and analyze source documents through reading, watching videos, and listening to audio accounts.  The students must also work cooperatively as part of a group to evaluate their material and then apply it in a new setting.  They need to be familiar with PowerPoint or with publishing programs.  These skills are addressed earlier in the year through activities designed to develop technological competence.
  2.  Standards:

This link connects to national standards from the National Center for Social Studies in the Schools that are reflected in the web quest.  Edison township EIB’s (Essential Instructional Behavior) standards are reflected in the development of technological competencies and in the writing to communicate requirements.  District curriculum is also addressed in the questions presented for the study of immigration.

  1.  Credits:
    The author would like to acknowledge the website created by Bernie Dodge as a source of inspiration and encouragement as well as practical knowledge.  Tom March’s site also provided many useful links to templates and to planning guides.

The author would also like to thank all of the teachers and classmates in UNI courses that provided invaluable feedback and support.  The teachers in all the online technology courses break the instruction into easy to manage chunks and are open to answering all questions.  Without their help, I would not have been able to create the above activity.

I would especially like to thank my students.  They have provided the motivation to continually improve my skills in using technology in the classroom.  They are my light.



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