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Moving to America

Name: ________________________

Teacher: Ms. Hutton

Date : ___________________

Title of Work: ___________________










Gather nformation for your role and complete records in journal

Minimal attempt to answer specific questions

Most questions answered but inconsistent supporting details

All questions answered; some gaps in journal entries

All questions completed and additional journal entries contain appropriate and varied detail


Notetaking form

Minimal use of form

Inconsistent recording of URLs and authors of websites

Generally recorded URLs and authors with some lapses

All URLs and authors are complete and accurate


Cooperative group

Minimal participation  discussing and analyzing information, or in planning and creating presentation

Inconsistent contributions to group discussion and analysis of information, and to planning and creating of presentation

Generally participated as a group member during discussion and analysis of facts, assisted planning of presentation and helped to create the presentation

Consistently contributed to group discussions and evaluation of data, assisted in planning and implementing presentation


Created a publishing or PowerPoint presentation containing two letters, journal entries describing the ocean voyage, a description of immigration processing, and a description of life in America including the assimilation process

One to two required elements included in presentation; or more  elements attempted with minimal information

Three to four required elements included in presentation; inconsistent or inaccurate information may be provided

Five required elements included with adequate supporting details; some inconsistency of development

All six elements included with rich detail to develop ideas; clear and accurate descriptions


Visual elements of presentation: T-chart, 2 maps, illustrations

Minimal attempt to include graphic elements; inappropriate or unclear visual materials

Includes two types of visuals that may not add to the descriptions

Includes two types of visuals that support verbal material

All visual requirements included provide support for text; choice and arrangement of illustrations enhances meaning








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