Journey into The Unknown-Early 20th Century Immigration to the United States

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Roles and Responsibilities


1.       You will work as part of a group of four to answer specific research questions.  Each group member will play a different role and have different responsibilities.  Each member of your group will fill one of the following roles: cartographer, record keeper, assimilation specialist, and coordinator.  Working together you will gather facts that will help you complete your task. The cartographer is responsible for creating a map of your journey and a map of your new neighborhood in America.  The record keeper  will keep a journal detailing the events of the voyage and the daily life in your new neighborhood.  The assimilation specialist will keep a journal detailing how your family tries to fit in during daily life in America.  The coordinator will keep a journal describing your plans before the voyage, describing your arrival at Ellis Island, and describing your family's relocation to your new neighborhood.   Use the form called your journal to record your sources and your information.  The links located at the bottom of the page will help you take appropriate notes.

2.       Complete the tasks assigned to your specific role.  Then your group will meet to discuss. share, and evaluate information.  When you have enough information to persuade your friends or relatives in your country of origin to travel to America, decide what form you will use for your presentation.  Your presentation must include:

          a letter to your friends/family explaining why your family decided to make the hazardous voyage.

         at least five journal notations describing your crossing

         include pictures or a description of your entrance at Ellis Island

         a paragraph explaining where you live and how you came to live there

         a description of daily life in your neighborhood

         a T chart comparing the advantages and disadvantages of your move

         a map of your journey and your new neighborhood

         a letter inviting your family/friends to join you

         illustrations to enhance your presentation


3.      Decide who will complete each part of your presentation.  Use the links at the bottom of the page to assist your writing process.

   4.      Use the link to the Storyboard to plan the look or layout for your presentation.  You will be graded on the quality of your information and the clarity of your layout.



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